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Exciting. We’ve been waiting to talk about this one for awhile — NewTalk.
NewTalk is the brainchild of best-selling author, lawyer and thinker Philip K. Howard. It’s about new kinds of conversations — starting with a single provocative question, each online discussion brings together 6 to 8 experts and unfolds over 2 to 3 days, blog-style. The talks are moderated, the public may comment, and the brilliant results are archived.
Soulellis Studio played a large part in NewTalk from day one. We helped Philip with the initial concept and naming, designed the brand and website, and engineered the entire web experience, with Krate. The whole thing is powered by MoveableType.
The first conversation — “How can we restore Americans’ sense of optimism?” — begins tomorrow (June 11). On June 17, an extra-special guest-star participates in our official launch, with “Is it possible to fix government?” Tune in.

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