Twenty-five dead people on Twitter.

I’ve been on Twitter for almost two years but really didn’t start using it seriously until a few months ago. Now I love it, and it’s become a brilliant way to reach out to the design community, among others.
But I’m really hooked on the historical tweets. Poke around and you’ll find a whole bunch of dead people on Twitter, like Susan Sontag, George Washington and Sigmund Freud. It’s fascinating to digest the life’s work of a great thinker in 140 character chunks. Some are like performances — others are really trying to converse in the Twitterverse, “in the voice of” or otherwise. Gandhi just uses the platform to spew quotes. Most fascinating is Charles Darwin, who is tweeting and blogging in real time on board the HMS Beagle (via his 1839 “Voyage of the Beagle” diary).
So here is a list of twenty-five dead people on Twitter. Peruse and enjoy.
Ernest Hemingway
Edgar Allan Poe
William Shakespeare
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Jean Baudrillard
Marshall McLuhan
Susan Sontag
Sigmund Freud
Andy Warhol
John Locke
Friedrich Neitzsche
Carl Jung
J.W. von Goethe
Karl Heinrich Marx
Charles Darwin
Walt Whitman
George Washington
William S. Burroughs
Julia Child
Albert Einstein
Thomas Jefferson
Jacques Lacan

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