Design blogs and self-publishing on the Kindle.

We’ve got a long way to go before the Kindle is a productive place for designers or anyone publishing an image-heavy blog. The graphics and typography are not great (terrible, even). Could be worse, but still — this is not yet a designer’s tool. But I believe it’s really important — critical, perhaps — to get on, and establish a presence. This isn’t about making money (maybe, someday), but about a new ease in publishing. And understanding how technology is breaking down barriers, connecting us to our audiences and amplifying our stories.
For anyone interested in publishing your blog on Amazon’s Kindle platform, go here. It’s easy, it takes about 2 minutes and it’s free.
If anyone is actually inspired enough to subscribe to for $1.99 / month, here you go.
More shots of Soulellis, Kindle Edition (and some of Antonio’s AisleOne).
A nice discussion about typography and design on e-books going on here at Wired Magazine.

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