Good clean typography.

Some quick Google research reveals that the bag probably hails from Torrington, CT where F. L. Wadhams & Sons produced coal at the turn of the last century, so it hasn’t traveled too far in the last 100 years. Amazing that it hasn’t been destroyed or even used.
I thought I could date the bag with the 4-digit phone number but this only tells me that it’s probably pre-1920 (when 2- or 3-letter city exchanges started to come into use) but that’s about it.
The bag itself is branded — “Bull Dog Sacks” by Miller, Tompkins & Co., Rutherford, NJ in the small circle at top.
I’m sure someone who really knows their type history could pin-point the date more accurately. Anyone?

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  1. I have one of these which has travelled here to fair England.

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