Modern zoo.

I found this gem in a great old bookstore in Ithaca: le Zoo de Carton: un alphabet illustré à découper, d’après la méthode Origami (Louis P. Klein). It’s from 1963, published by Editions du Pont Royal, Paris. Each letter of the alphabet names an animal and is accompanied by an exquisite “stencil” graphic for the origami. The reverse side of each diagram is blank, so the book was really meant to be cut up into an alphabetical menagerie.
Does anyone know anything about Louis P. Klein? As a series of 26 graphics (posters, cards, whatever) the collection is incredible — they remind me a lot of the posters of Enzo Mari. Even the dotted lines are beautiful. I’ve searched online and can’t find a thing about this book, so I’m going to scan, trace and recreate each of the animals here, beginning with Alfred le singe.
Entire book set in Univers 55 & 65, btw.

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  1. I have this book in Dutch! Trying to find out about it also.

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