I’ve always been fascinated by Twitter icons and why people choose them. Some designers use type-inspired single letter icons, for obvious reasons, like Caren @litherland’s C, @pentagramdesign’s P and @AisleOne’s A. Each of these are perfect in their own way — but could I find the entire alphabet? What kind of crazy cut-up magazine kidnapper typeface would that make?
It didn’t take long to find the really great ABCs of Twitter. All of them represent design, web and type-related feeds on Twitter. As in Scrabble, a few were more difficult (and valuable?) than others, like I, L, V and Z. (I’d prefer to have single letters, but hey, it’s Landor.) Of course I changed my own icon and added myself to the list.
I’m not sure what kind of typeface this would make but as a collection (“Twitterface”) it’s really kind of nice. Can you guess the identity of each? Go here to see them all.
And now I’m wondering about the stories behind each of these — the typefaces, found letterforms and designed marks that make up this collection. If you own one of these and want to tell me about your Twitter letter send me a note and I’ll share the results!
A AisleOne
B Behance
C Litherland
D DesignRelated
E Elephantik
F Franknas
G Grainedit
H HeyDaysStudio
I iA
J CreativeBalls
K KlimTypeFoundry
L Landor_dot_com
M MomaParis
N NewsDesigner
O Kokoromoi
P PentagramDesign
Q MartaBernstein
R Retinart
S Soulellis
T Typedia
U UppercaseMag
V VandelayDesign
W Weswuz
X PleaseLetMeDesign
Y YouWorkForThem
& FeltandFitted
Z Zinnebeeld

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