Slow design.

I just had a crazy moment realizing that we started designing the new website for Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning in August 2005 — the same year YouTube was created. Soulellis Studio was four years old. Twitter wasn’t even born yet.
We launched it in two stages (2005 and 2006). It goes without saying that the internet is a different place now. So is AAP. During the last five years we’ve worked with two deans and many dedicated staff to refine the identity of the college (an exciting evolution). Designing quick and dirty brand identities and launching in record time has become the norm these days (doing a few of those right now), but this is a great example of what can happen when designer and client are in it for the long haul. A committment to exploring brand identity over time.
This year AAP asked us to revisit our original design. Among our goals:

  • “expand” the feeling of the narrow site without increasing actual width
  • refresh the design to better reflect AAP’s current visual identity
  • refine the typography
  • increase size and visibility of images
  • increase legibility

While I would characterize these more as chiropractic design adjustments (rather than a total redesign), the impact is huge. Cornell and Krate quietly launched the adjusted site last week. For better or for worse this design was created without much concern for mobile, but I have to say it looks pretty great on the iPad (screenshots above).

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