Venetian suite.

I just returned from an extraordinary two weeks studying design history and typography with Louise Fili, Steven Heller and Lita Talarico in the SVA Masters Workshop in Venice and Rome. I blogged the whole thing here.
Venice in four movements was the final result of my first week in Italy. The four little books are a set: a study of the different structures I discovered there. They suggest something expansive (77 palazzi, 39 doorbells…etc.) but in fact they’re narrow: focused concepts that stay close to one very specific idea. An attempt to produce something spacious and beautiful from a simple, methodical framework.
I’ll feature each book in separate posts.
77 palazzi on G.Canal.
Process: I photographed every facade on the Grand Canal, numbered and plotted the palazzi on a map, sampled each palazzo’s color from its photo, and paired each color with its original family name. The book — a particular kind of color study — paints a meditative portrait of Venice by suggesting a deeper history of the city (the family names), light (how the colors were rendered during my partly cloudy, mid-morning one-hour journey) and urban geography (the cut of the “S” through the entire width of the city).
In this case, as in all four of these books, process becomes content. I try to tell a story through disciplined research, and expose something poetic from the structure.
The fat little book is a giant accordion fold that can be experienced page-by-page or as an unfolding palette, kind of like the Grand Canal itself.
Download the PDF (2.3 MB).

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