Pantone 3965

The Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning is 75 years old, and they now have this 128-page book to tell their story. The satisfaction of having it printed and delivered after six months of design and production is huge. Erik Vrielink pulled tremendous weight on this one.

Things I love about this book:

  • The gorgeous, difficult-to-define, bright yellow-ish-green Pantone 3965 that CRP immediately embraced.
  • Our fat, geometric CRP75 logo.
  • Sappi’s McCoy Silk: is there a better coated sheet?
  • Finally working with Commercial Type’s Lyon Text — I’m a fan. You may recognize it from the New York Times Magazine, where it debuted in 2009. We paired it with AAP’s Helvetica Neue.
  • And the printing by J.S. McCarthy in Augusta, Maine is fantastic. If you’re ever in need of a super-high-quality resource for books or annual reports, consider working with them.

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