Geeking out

John Seely Brown‘s new book with Douglas Thomas is A New Culture of Learning, available via Amazon print-on-demand on January 15. It explores new paradigms in education: tinkering as a mode of knowledge production, peer-to-peer learning and collective indwelling. Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out is the title of Chapter 8 and it’s fair to say that I did a bit of geeking out in the design of the book. I paired a 1906 all-caps American grotesk (Railroad Gothic) for the headlines with H&FJ’s turn-of-the-millennium Mercury Text, a real workhorse for body copy. The 6 x 9 inch printed page was divided into a stretched 9 x 9 grid that allows for generous white space and a headline shift that appears to break the grid but in fact helps to define it.

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