This morning I made my way down the hill and crossed the river at Ponte Garibaldi. I looked down and tried to capture the color of the Tiber rushing by in my mind and on camera, and realized at that moment that I had to begin work today, immediately. That my challenge to myself for this residency is to produce work every day. And by work I mean new work, every day.

One idea that I’ve been looking forward to before arriving is “slow design” (because in my business the speed of design/production has become ridiculous, insane). So perhaps this morning’s mission challenges this, because it asks for quick thinking and response. But honestly, after thinking, writing and analyzing this sabbatical for six months, I find myself craving the act of “making.” It’s sudden: I came face-to-face with it when I walked into the studio yesterday. A physical feeling. I really need to use my hands. And make work that goes outside my comfort zone (no more little books, for now).

So I discovered Poggi (fantastic) and grabbed some supplies and without thinking too hard ran back to my studio. I’ve got 34 more days at the Academy and I want to fill it with work that responds to Rome. No big concept beyond that. Just look, see, absorb and make.

I made two quick things this afternoon. First (above), a painting.

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