Roman Fever


“Useful Hints” from Rambles in Rome, S. Russell Forbes, 1895

  • Avoid bad odours.
  • Do not ride in an open carriage at night.
  • Take lunch in the middle of the day. This is essential. It is better to take a light breakfast and lunch, than a heavy breakfast and no lunch.
  • No city in the world is so well supplied with good drinking water as Rome. The best is the Trevi water. Do not drink Aqua Marcia; it is too cold.
  • If out about sunset, throw an extra wrap or coat on, to avoid sudden change in the atmosphere. There is no danger beyond being apt to take a cold. Colds are the root of all evil at Rome.
  • Do not sit about the ruins at night. It may be very romantic, but it is very unwise. There is no harm in walking.
  • Close your windows at night.
  • If you get into a heat, do not go into the shade or into a building till you have cooled down.
  • Do not over-fatigue yourself.
  • Follow these hints, and you will avoid that great bugbear, Roman fever.

“A hint on the spot is worth a cart-load of recollections.” — Gray



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  2. Paul … I fear you are quite susceptible to Roman fever. Take heed.

  3. Chad, you know me, I have broken all of these rules

  4. I would have been surprised otherwise, Paul. Keep on breaking …

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