I returned to the Pantheon, for the floor pattern. Mapped it and photographed all 44 circles and 46 squares. I was obsessed with this place in June, as I still am.

I measured the floor panels using my shoes. These new studies are one-sixth actual size.

All of it feels like a study. Of what, I’m not yet sure.


  1. These studies are gorgeous. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful, fulfilling, adventure!

  2. i had remembered part of the sketchbook process we had was whereever we visited, we had to pace out/measure the space out when we drew the plans, elevations,details etc. and i used to think how pointless but then upon coming back, and looking at the sketchbooks and seeing all the details w. the measurements, it really allowed you to “possess” what you couldn’t otherwise. enjoy! now if only there was a way to “possess” the ephemeral gelato when back in nyc on a snowy january afternoon.

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