Sono arrivato.

Less than 24 hours. In total awe of this place. It’s 8am and the sun is just coming up behind me over Rome and starting to flood the apartment. I’m starting to believe I could just stay in here the entire time looking at how the light moves around the city.

They’ve given me the Russell Cowles studio, #253. I just looked him up and he was an American painter in Italy from 1915–20. Spent 1920 at the Academy as a Rome Prize Fellow. Died in 1979. I’d like to think that he actually used my studio, but who knows.

The studio is huge and empty, except for some perfectly basic furniture. A weird hallway runs behind one of the walls, within my space. A giant window. I fell asleep on the couch before dinner last night. I haven’t even seen it in daylight yet.

Dinner was like the furniture. Simple but absolutely perfect. Risotto with beef. Stewed rabbit and onions. Cauliflower. Everything served family-style on giant platters. After, walked from the main building up the street to the gate of Villa Aurelia. My apartment is the top floor of the Villino, next to the Villa. Cats in the street.

So much more I’d like to jot down, but it’s time to get up and walk down the hill. Start moving through the city.

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  1. Pual
    I can see it all. My apt was next to the villino so I know how great the location is. Happy to live it vicariously again. Keep posting.

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