Testimony of the inscriptions

Obscurity / security

Week one. Non-stop weekend, new people and places, connecting to familiar voices at home. Matters on my mind: the question of place. Marking place, the ambiguity (and certainty) of position and situation. Logos (objective observation, reason) vs mythos (emotional appeal, faith, intuition). With all of the relentless conviction of the Roman hotspots, to spend time with any one of them obscures the confidence of the place and secures my connection to it. Question: does the red wall’s graffiti provide certainty, or doubt? The foundation — literally, below the floor, supporting this place (this basilica, this city) — calls faith into question, while defining it. The story is seductive but slippery surfaces collapse with just the slightest ponder.

And St Peter’s missing feet bones: because he was crucified upside-down?


  1. È tempo di venire a casa. 😉

  2. Non penso che sto tornando a casa …

  3. love where this is going — and where it’s coming from (your thesis excavations)

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