Day 32. Three desire lines showing me three ways to explore the city. Each line of inquiry generates images, icons and relics. I’m using them to build a new language — linked associations that conjure meaning and feeling.

I see these images (Chain, Drain and Name) as plans (or maps) for a new memory palace. Reliquaries of meaning (“do this in memory of me”). I’ve placed icons and relics within each. It’s all pretty literal: resurrected photographs (12 million pixels down-sampled to 12 and then regenerated at 12,000) are a backdrop of impossible meaning for the placement of objects. The end images are a kind of acheiropoieta, a spontaneous appearance, ‘not handmade’ (anti-paintings). Trying to create a language here, a form-generating methodology I could use to build memory palaces anywhere.

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  1. What is really amazing about the process of development or ‘journey’ here is that those of us who wave followed along can visibly interpret ingredients and points of reference in each phase; elements which may be totally cryptic to new viewers. Very thought-provoking. Also as you know I ‘geek out’ at sophisticated terminology 😉 😉

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