Ai Weiwei works here.

Sad to hear about the forced disappearance of Ai Weiwei on April 3, one of my favorite artists and widely recognized as one of the most important artists living today, let alone in China (here’s his TED Talk). He’s been persecuted, arrested, beaten and the Chinese government demolished his studio on January 11. I’m sick that we blindly support and are dependent upon (myself included) a regime that openly oppresses its citizens and denies artistic freedom, free speech and other basic human rights. We pretend that it’s not a problem as we consume countless products, source materials, seek opportunities and do our work.

For whatever it’s worth, here’s a well-designed campaign to display support for Weiwei with an image for printing, posting, etc.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, Paul …

  2. I really love this one. It works the best out of them all because you’re NOT showing his face. Well done.

    I made a poster as well:

  3. Hi Andrew — I did not design this one, but I agree, it’s a powerful image for raising awareness. Yours is also powerful.

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