Image relics.

The thing was selected by Laura Kuhn, at my request. Something near and dear to John Cage. I photographed it outside, on the porch. Laura was generous with her time, putting careful thought into the collaboration. I took a single photograph, because I didn’t want to have to edit. The image is singular.

Today, I feel like I’m writing code. After dividing the image into 4,096 groups of 4,096 pixels, I wrote manual instructions to select a single pixel from the 16.7 million, via coin-toss and I Ching hexagrams. That single pixel becomes one of the corners of the relic, like an anchor. Then I ask what dimensions the relic should be, sort of like an extraction (anywhere from 1 x 1 to 64 x 64).

Clumps of pixels, like mushrooms in a forest. It’s exacting work. Here are two: the red one is relic # 7; the blue-ish one is # 1 (they’re shown at different scales). I extracted 8 today. 265 more to go (one for each second of Cage’s 4’33”).


  1. i am starring.ok?

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