A way of life where not-performing is equal to performing.

John Cage on performance:

“There is something about performance that tends to make it seem ‘special’ rather than ‘everyday-like’ so that people get what they call ‘butterflies’ before a performance — nervousness and so forth. I think one should move away from those ‘butterflies’ and to a way of life where not-performing is equal to performing, or is emotionally the same; or where the special moments are the same as non-special moments.”

We give equal attention and dedication to each, then?
“In other words, not reserving our attention for what we think are important things, but maintaining our interest and attention to life. It is hard to talk about because the subject is so limitless.” (1991)

Today I moved operations to Long Island City, a few blocks from PS1. A place to work, to experiment, to perform. Kind of feels like Rome again.

Two colors selected by chance operations on August 18, 2011.

  • 117/181/76
  • 187/255/198


  1. glad you got the space —
    and thanks for this map

    and don’t you love the i ching?
    and you should just toss coins to come to miami

  2. and on a completely separate note, the clip of his game show water walk, shows a cage of such sweetness and gentleness and humor and play, i’m in love

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