Ink and paper

I don’t want to handle the books or open them wide, for fear I’ll break the spines, etc. But I did open one long enough to take some photos, which I’ve added to the project page. The only thing missing now is the photographic print, and the tables. Both will be ready just before I leave for North Carolina on Wednesday.

I spent some time at the New York Art Book Fair at PS1@MoMA last night and I’ll go back for a closer look. An unbelievable amount of awe-inspiring work, a crazy-beautiful output of ink and paper on display. And my own mixed reaction — reassured to know there’s a potential audience for what I’m doing, but more than a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of finding it.

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  1. I’m willing to bet you’ve already found more potential audience members than you think. Here’s to seeing your work at the NY Art Book Fair next year! I don’t say that lightly, based on how far you’ve come within the time-span to date of this exploration.

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