Untitled pixel

Individual pixels of solid color from 273 Relics for John Cage. Each one was selected via chance operations out of 12 million, from the photograph of John Cage’s mushroom-collecting basket. Hand-mixed inks match the RGB values (as close as the printer could get), then printed on Mohawk 100 lb. cover (20″ x 26″). Six different editions of 10 each. This one is Untitled pixel (relic 243). Thinking about identifying each with an x-y coordinate.


  1. Gorgeous

  2. I’m in love with (and totally scared by) your process p.
    i love how it talks to albers, maybe the photographic analog of malevich’s black square, the death of painting, the genesis of image

  3. Per Elite’s comment about being scared; I’m privileged to know that ‘fear’ was a vital and participatory element in this process. And I think the results are richer for it. The single pixels are amazing – I want to see all the colors; I am already covetous of them.

  4. what eric said!

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