No end to the number of somethings

John Cage:

When nothing is securely possessed one is free to accept any of the somethings. How many are there? They roll up at your feet … There is no end to the number of somethings and all of them (without exception) are acceptable. If one gets suddenly proud and says for one reason or another: I cannot accept this; then the whole freedom to accept any of the others vanishes. But if one maintains secure possession of nothing (what has been called poverty of spirit), then there is no limit to what one may freely enjoy.



  1. Paul..This is beverly plummer, after reading your account of your presentation at Black Mountain. Did knowing John Cage help you accept the fact that someone had taken your book? I’m not so deeply attached to it as you must be, so it’s rather easy for me to feel excited about where that vagabond book must be now! I didn’t realize you had published only ten copies. I’m honored. May I write and tell you when/if/what happens with your gift. Beverly Plummer

  2. Beverly, I’m so happy to hear from you! I think about the trip to Asheville and our chance encounter all the time, and frequently tell friends about you and your incredible spirit.

    I’m excited about that vagabond book too. I’m actually happy it’s out and about now…it really took the project to another dimension. In fact, if I print the book again (I’m thinking about it) I’m going to give them all away.

    You really inspired me…and of course, I would love to hear more from you Beverly. Any time! xoxo Paul (

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