I’m leaving for England on Friday and need a map — a single project map that I can use to visualize both Weymouths together. And to use as one of the layers in a score that will eventually combine content, geography and chance operations to compose the books.

One Weymouth is on the south shore of Boston and the other on the southern coast of England, but they don’t share the same relationship to the water. In Massachussetts the water is to the north…

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but in England the water (and the island of Portland) is to the south.

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I captured Google maps of each and positioned them on top of each other by aligning the two “Weymouth” markers at their points. I’m not sure how Google locates this point but they appear in similar locations on Open Street Map’s various views, so I’m assuming it’s data-generated and not totally random.

Superimposed at equal scales and aligned at the markers, the two shorelines neatly wrap around each other to create a single Weymouths island. A section of the American town line forms the western edge, slicing through England’s Chesil Beach, and a smaller section cuts off the British island of Portland to the southeast.


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  1. This brings to mind the work of another map-artist, and I mean it in a very complimentary sense: Florent. I love where this is going (and where you are going!)

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