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Some news to share: I’ll be presenting a preview of Weymouths at the Book Live symposium at London South Bank University, 8–9 June 2012. The event “will bring together theorists, researchers and practitioners to stimulate a dialogue across disciplines on the ability of the book to keep up with digital culture and the emergence of new modes of writing, of photographing, of reading, or archiving and of disseminating ‘on the page’ work. The purpose of this conference is to examine the current ‘transforming’ and ‘expanding’ of the book rather than its virtual disintegration.”

Here’s a one-page PDF with a full list of participants and more information.

Also, you can now find a brief description of Weymouths on the newly updated b-side festival site. Weymouths will be installed in Weymouth, England from 27 July through 12 August as part of the Maritime Mix — London2012 Cultural Olympiad by the Sea.

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