Tranquil aardvarks

Stetson update (with Thomas Jockin).


  1. I still say it would be great if you grew the ‘F’ from the DNA of the ‘E’ and let it have that teeny-tiny cross stroke. Or did you try that and find it was ‘missing’ too much? I don’t know why I’m hooked on that (yes I do – full disclosure – type nerd here), but I’d love to know the rationale. Better a discourse over salted nuts and Manhattans? BTW, love your ‘Lorem!’

  2. Addendum to above; I forgive you all typographic differences of opinion. I looked closer and saw your ‘@’ and had a TypeGasm. #Gorgeous.

  3. Hi Eric — I agree that we need to look at the E and F AND the 3 to see how the cross strokes relate or don’t relate. This is the first time that we’re looking at the entire character set, so we’re about to start fine-tuning now. I’ve got other adjustments I want to make too. Thomas has done an amazing job interpreting from a very small sample. Now, we need to make it work without losing the beautiful awkwardness that’s in the original photograph.

  4. Nice one. Is it available to buy?

  5. Despina, we haven’t completed the font yet, but we’re close. Still making final adjustments. When it’s ready, I’ll be posting it here on my site for free download.

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