To wander, to ramble, to roam.

Perched Blocks, Erratic Block Large masses of rock, often as big as a house, which have been transported by glacier-ice, and have been lodged in a prominent position in glacier valleys or have been scattered over hills and plains. An examination of their mineralogical character leads to the identification of their source and, consequently, to the path taken by the transporting ice.—Text-book of Geology. Archibald Geikie Macmillan and Co. London, 1882

Weymouths Volume 9—40 Views of House Rock. 100 pages plus cover.

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  1. The image with “IN A” stopped me in my tracks. Not sure why, but it really sent me someplace.

    And “to wander, to ramble, to roam” is… well… you know….

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