Stetson, my first font, is now available for free download under an Open Font License. That means you can use it commercially if it’s embedded in a larger product (like a book or an app), but it may not be sold on its own. So go ahead and give it a whirl—distribute it, manipulate it, make it better!

Download Stetson PDF Specimen
Download Stetson OpenType Font [OTF]

It’s a single-weight, all-caps display face so I imagine it may have limited appeal. For me, Stetson is a critical part of the Weymouths project. It comes directly out of my research, and in a way, “locates” me and the exploration within a highly specific time and place (in a shed in Weymouth, MA on January 11, 2012). It’s both of the 19th and 21st centuries, both analog and digital, vibrating between the shed, the Stetson Shoe Co. factory down the road, and the town’s ancestral heritage in Weymouth, England.

I’m now using the font in the design of the Weymouths books, and I’ll be posting design studies soon. Meanwhile, if you use Stetson and feel like sharing, send me a note—I’d love to see how it’s interpreted by others.


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  1. Andrew Heumann

    Nice work!

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