The interviews

I’m inside the book now, the first volume of Weymouths. These are very preliminary spreads—so preliminary that they’ll probably have changed when we see them next. But I’m excited to post these things in formation, before they become too precious.

These are the interviews. Jack, my guide in Weymouth, England, provides the overarching narrative. My conversation with Jack is the main thread through the book and other voices enter and exit. I’m letting the voices co-mingle. Sometimes they’re near each other, to suggest a kind of relationship. At other time I’m more forcibly mashing them up, encouraging the narrative to shift out of time and place at specific moments, to open up new spaces.


  1. oh my god. p. so beautiful. please please please keep a copy for me

  2. thank you my dear. oh yes, of course. reserved.

  3. really the way mashing image & text got worked out. I WANT A COPY TOO and a conversation about this mashing [is that an english word?].

  4. Of course, mashed potatoes. Eagerly awaiting a mash-up conversation.

  5. Paul, this has developed into a powerful, beautiful, incredibly rich project. I am blown away by its depth and reach. I want a copy too! I am afraid you will be getting an overwhelming number of requests!

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