12 volumes.

The remainder of the Weymouths proofs arrived today, so I spent most of the day photographing the complete set of 12 volumes for my talk next week. I’ll be speaking on Saturday at the Book Live symposium (full program PDF) at London South Bank University. I’ll post the entire talk here, including all of the slides, in the next few days.

More on Flickr.

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  1. Hi Paul,
    I was very pleased to see in Portland this last weekend your latest publication ‘Portlander’ which really captivated me once again. And it reminded me to look you up.

    We last met over the great Weymouth Olympics and were the mad couple on the tandem that kept hounding you for your great books on the Weymouths. These still take pride of place in our flat in Castletown, Portland but we have one book missing, number 5. Is there anyway we could make our collection complete. I am very happy to pay. Perhaps you could help?

    Kind Regards


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