The Manual, Issue #3

The Manual, Issue #3 is finally on sale—go order a copy! It’s a hardbound journal of provocative design thinking, edited, designed and produced with extraordinary care. And it’s print only (how about that).

Writing for The Manual was one of the most challenging (and rewarding) projects I’ve ever had the pleasure to participate in. I write a lot here on, mostly personal stuff, and I write for clients (corporate stuff), but this was unfamiliar territory. Six authors are invited to shape an idea, but without the usual boundaries (no theme, very few limits). It felt orchestral and I tried to contribute with my heart. Others did too, I know, and the result is a rich production.

This would have been impossible without the extraordinary talents of editor Carolyn Wood, a person who puts enormous love and dedication into her work. In this case, her work was finding us, having faith in us and making our work better. Thank you, Carolyn.

Issue #3 (the yellow one) includes my essay “Design Humility,” in tremendously good company—authors Duane King, Tiffani Jones Brown, Nina Stössinger, Jeremy Keith and Ethan Marcotte. Jez Burrows designed it and Eleni Kalorkoti illustrated my piece. Can’t wait to see this remarkable piece of work.


  1. Thank you so much, Paul. Your articles are wonderful and working with you was an unforgettable experience. I absolutely had to start the”yellow one” with the first line of your article. Perfect. And your shorter essay, the even more personal one, was just as beautifully written and something so many of us can identify with deeply. Thank you for the privilege of helping you usher these into the world.

  2. Ordered!!

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