The Book Affair


↑ David Horvitz hiding.


↑ AA Bronson.



↑ My talk.




↑ Photos above by Automatic Books.


Here are some scenes (and lots more) from Automatic Books‘ The Book Affair, a three-day book fair during the opening of the Venice Biennale. Unlike the larger, more well-known fairs, this was small, intimate, casual and every single table was of remarkable quality. There were presentations by Giorgio Maffei, Dexter Sinister and David Horvitz in the evenings and ongoing talks throughout the two days, including mine. We got lots of traffic, even in the rain. Reactions to Library of the Printed Web were really satisfying, which has got me thinking about what to do next. I have to admit that I much preferred presenting and selling other artists’ work, rather than my own. It’s becoming obvious that one idea is to work directly with some of the artists in the collection to produce new work, either as a publisher and/or in a physical space (gallery). Lots to think about for the fall…

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  1. I just read this today. Last night I tweeted, “Since it’s late, and no one’s around: I’d really like to be my own little publishing house, edit at times, write at times, [and do] art projects.” (!)

    I agree, too, that I prefer presenting and selling other’s work. I’m so excited about what the other person has created that I’m communicating enthrallment. When I wrote my own book, I came across as, “Well, I suppose you can buy it if you really want to.” (Imagine sad face.) Yes, a real charmer.

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