I’m now a member of ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative, an international network of artists who make print-on-demand books. The collaborative group was started by Berlin-based artist Joachim Schmid in 2009 and votes new members in each month.

We are diverse but we collaborate. We don’t have a dogma but we know what we want. We work, we play, we dream, we imagine, we explore, we collect, we photograph, we draw, we write, we copy, we paste, we design, we edit, and we make books. Slow and spontaneous, small and excessive, serious and funny. We print on demand and we self-publish, self-determined, self-empowered, unfiltered.

Via ABC I plan to show some of my work at various art book fairs this fall, including the 2012 NY Art Book Fair at PS1, 28–30 September.

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