A New Culture of Learning explores new paradigms in education: tinkering as a mode of knowledge production, peer-to-peer learning and collective indwelling. Soulellis Studio worked with authors John Seely Brown and Douglas Thomas to design the book and assisted them in publishing directly to Amazon via CreateSpace (January 2011).

An American grotesk from 1906 (Railroad Gothic) was chosen as a title face and paired with Hoefler & Frere-Jones’ turn-of-the-millennium Mercury Text, a workhorse for body copy. The 6 x 9 inch printed page was divided into a stretched 9 x 9 grid that allows for generous white space and a headline shift that appears to break the grid, but actually defines it. The cover image of crystals in polarized light by Martin Kreutz references contained growth, elasticity and flow — key concepts to the authors’ thesis.

A New Culture of Learning featured on:
Aspen Ideas Festival
Canadian Education Association