Las Meninas (2013)
24 in. x 28 in. archival pigment prints, edition of 3
32-page newsprint publication, edition of 50 [Purchase]

Google now includes indoor scenes within its street view photography. Most of the images are created by independent photographers who are hired by local businesses. The business licenses the images to Google, where they are stitched together for the street view database.

Las Meninas is a series of 17 photographs depicting the photographer and/or camera’s reflection visible in mirror or glass. All of the photographs are taken using Google Street View (interior views).

The relationship between image-maker, viewer, frame and apparatus is ambiguous, and played out differently from scene to scene. The series suggests hidden (as well as revealed) connections to power both inside and outside the frame.

In Las Meninas the re-framed mirror presents a utopian ideal (the perfect view(er) of commerce) as well as heterotopian uncanniness (the displaced, disembodied, powerless view(er)), recalling Velázquez’s Las Meninas (1656).

The New Yorker says Las Meninas was one of the twelve reasons to check out the 2013 NY Art Book Fair. Purchase the newsprint edition of Las Meninas here.