NewTalk is an online forum for long-form conversation. Experts and thought-leaders in education, healthcare, justice, society and environment debate provocative issues on the site. A single question is asked and participants post their responses over a three-day period — the conversation happen in real-time, with a moderator and public commentary. Founded in 2008 by prominent author and attorney Philip K. Howard, Soulellis Studio worked with his team to name the initiative, design the identity and engineer the site experience. The entire site was created by Soulellis Studio with Krate.

We explored many options for the identity and selected a design that symbolizes a coming together of different voices around a central theme; hence the overlapping shapes. The logo suggests gathering, transparency, multiplicity, depth and activity — concepts associated with dialogue, discourse and debate.

NewTalk officially launched on June 17, 2008. NYC Mayor Bloomberg participated in the inaugural conversation: “Is it possible to fix government?”