Four minutes, thirty-three seconds

4’33” by John Cage (1952) from Paul Soulellis on Vimeo.

A filmed performance of John Cage’s 4’33” (1952), in three movements.

I. 0’30”
II. 2’23”
III. 1’40”

Produced/directed by Paul Soulellis.
Cooper Troxell (melodica)
Katherine Pan (recorder)
Cassandra Marketos (guitar)
Zak Greene (banjo)
Recorded on January 26, 2013 in Union Square station, 4/5/6 uptown platform, NYC.

Created for New World Symphony’s three-day festival honoring John Cage, “Making the Right Choices,” February 8–10, Miami.



This rise of memory

An uncharted memory flees stubbornly towards an increasingly distant era.
The sensation of antiquity increases.
A multitude of countries, wrongfully sent to sleep.
And everything looks in order from the outside, unfailingly.
And always is there this rise of vastness on the inside…this rise of memory, drifting.
Like rediscovering flying in the dark across the place of another era.
We’re there now, we’re walking through.
One night, a growing blindness.
Is that where we must go in?
Is that where we were, without knowing?

Stills and translated text from the first 8.5 minutes of Méditerranée (1963). Film by Jean-Daniel Pollet and Volker Schlöndorff. Text by Philippe Sollers.