Four minutes, thirty-three seconds

4’33” by John Cage (1952) from Paul Soulellis on Vimeo.

A filmed performance of John Cage’s 4’33” (1952), in three movements.

I. 0’30”
II. 2’23”
III. 1’40”

Produced/directed by Paul Soulellis.
Cooper Troxell (melodica)
Katherine Pan (recorder)
Cassandra Marketos (guitar)
Zak Greene (banjo)
Recorded on January 26, 2013 in Union Square station, 4/5/6 uptown platform, NYC.

Created for New World Symphony’s three-day festival honoring John Cage, “Making the Right Choices,” February 8–10, Miami.




Wednesday 8 August / Day 10
215 books given away in ten days.

Sally Watkins

I continue to be overwhelmed by the ways in which the project has grown while I’m here. Sally Watkins, my b-side commissioner, actually created new work in response to Weymouths—a musical interpretation/expression coming out of a methodology she has been developing in her own work. Sally generated a score for music box by writing out the names of the voices that appear in volume one (Jane, Jim, Jack, Geoffrey, Barbara). The graphic score is a beautiful artifact, both a visualization of her process and the tool required to play the work (the score is the work). She performed the 60-second piece at my talk in the Phoenix Bakery by cranking the score through a music box, and I am just blown away by her sensitivity to the project, her creative generosity and her spirit.

The form of the piece (150 notes) comes from the 1:150 slope of the River Wey from its source at Upwey as it travels to the sea. The 60-second duration is derived from the 60 ft. drop in elevation from Upwey to the sea.

Later, Frances Scott gave a dinner talk about her b-side film commission, The Miracle Methods Series.