A few months ago I noticed that some Twitter users were establishing accounts in the names of famous historical writers, philosophers and other “dead celebrities.” Some remained in-character as a kind of online performance art, while others were using Twitter as a place to deposit quotes or news. I decided to join them, and created two accounts myself.
I made a post about it back in March: 25 dead people on Twitter. And in three months that post grew into a website. As a joint venture with Krate, Soulellis Studio designed and built a robust Twitter engine that compiles the historical tweets of 78 more than 80 celebrities of the past into a real-time feed. But it doesn’t just aggregate. Users can log-in to their Twitter accounts and reply, follow and retweet without leaving. It’s called Tweeji, and it launched yesterday.
In our first day we heard from Sigmund Freud, George Washington, Jesus Christ, Sammy Davis Jr., Jacques Derrida, Janis Joplin, Eva “Brawn,” Andy Warhol, NotoriousBIG, Ian Curtis, William Shakespeare, Bettie Page, William S. Burroughs, Charles Darwin, Dr. Samuel Johnson, Emily Dickinson, Buddha, President Chester Arthur, Pablo Neruda, Percival Lowell, Walt Whitman, Elvis Presley and Walt Disney, among others.
Within Tweeji’s first 24 hours, Pete Cashmore of Mashable wrote that the technology and design are “really, really good” and that it’s an awesome piece of software, “a kind of self-contained ‘mini Twitter’ of its own.” (He also takes offense to the dark humor, but whatever.) We’re really enjoying the response and feedback.
Visit Tweeji, have fun with it, and spread it around. And be on the lookout for more Tweeji projects launching soon.



Remember that post about 25 dead people on Twitter? Coming soon: a new way to talk to the dead. Stay tuned.