Laurie Anderson’s commencement address to the SVA Class of 2012.

I enjoyed this so, so much. Several lifetimes worth of ideas and inspiration here.


Moving pictures

273 Relics for John Cage (A Likeness Is an Aid to Memory) from Paul Soulellis on Vimeo.

It only took about 12 solid hours, but I somehow figured out how to produce a 30-minute HD digital video. In some ways Apple has made this process super easy with iMovie ’11, but the device/color/quality output options are completely bewildering and require a crash course in the history of digital audio-visual compression (plus lots of Apple hardware technical specs and a few visits to the Apple store).

Anyway, I couldn’t be happier. This is a slow-scale, full-screen, meditative work. It’s something to enter on your own terms. It’s a 30-minute presentation of the relics (30 of them), each one dissolving into the next. I’m absolutely in love with the dissolves — they add an entirely new dimension to the work, as the relics are juxtaposed (a bit like a slow page-turn in the book, but different). And within each dissolve is a secondary kind of animation — the pixels shimmer and quiver as they move from frame to frame.

There’s no audio, but this will be projected at a large scale in the gallery space while I’m performing the 52 texts. Audio from my visit to the John Cage Trust will also be playing, sometimes distracting from my spoken words, other times barely audible.


“Embrace failure.”

Set aside 7 minutes to listen to Milton Glaser, on the fear of failure. Like no other. From Berghs' Exhibition '11 on Vimeo.