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Voices (Towards Other Institutions) #7,” interview with Elise By Olsen, Russian Pavillion, 2020 Venice Architecture Biennale (July 2020)

in conversation with paul soulellis,” A Line Which Forms A Volume 3, London College of Communication (March 2020)

A Conversation With Paul Soulellis,” Rebecca Wilkinson (February 2020)

Y2K, 20 years later: Document’s contributors recall the armageddon that never was,” Document Journal (December 2019)

Library of the Printed Web,” interview in SPECULATIONS: Beyond anthropocentric design, BNN Japan (July 2019)

Paul Soulellis turns the internet into tangible art,” David Aaron Brake, Document Journal (December 2018)

WAS WIR BRAUCHEN, IST EIN NOCH VIEL RADIKALERES PUBLIZIEREN (Publishing needs to get more radical),” A conversation with Annette Gilbert in Kunstforum International (September 2018)

Scratching the Surface ยท 61. Paul Soulellis

Paul Soulellis of Library of the Printed Web,” interview with Meg Miller, (November 2017)

Library of the Printed Web: The Guy Who Makes Art Out of the Internet,” Vice Magazine (February 2017)

The Year According to Paul Soulellis,” Walker Art Center (December 2016)

A Conversation with Paul Soulellis,” Circulation Exchange, Kate Palmer Albers (July 2016)

PS.—Scenes from a Designer’s Counterpractice,” Ariela Gittlen, Elephant Magazine (January 2016)

Turning Pixels into Print: An Inverview About the Printed Web,” Hrag Vartanian, Hyperallergic (September 2015)

Paul Soulellis talks with Christina Webb,” for / with / in, Rhode Island School of Design (spring 2014)

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