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Urgency Reader is a quick assembling of texts, risograph printed in Pawtucket, RI, and bound as a book at the last minute to launch at the Odds and Ends Art Book Fair at Yale University Art Gallery on December 6, 2019. Suggested topics from the open call included ⊹urgency, ⊹craft ⊹queerness ⊹gender ⊹transformation ⊹kinship ⊹race ⊹survival ⊹post-apocalyptic practice ⊹futurity ⊹pedagogy ⊹surveillance capitalism ⊹death of capital ⊹radical publishing ⊹decolonization ⊹augmentation ⊹resistance ⊹sci-fi ⊹collective care ⊹joy

Ritu Ghiya (left), Lukas Eigler-Harding (right)

Inspired by Omnibus News #1 (1969), Assembling (1970–87), and other assembling publications, Urgency Reader is an experiment in publishing as a gesture of call and response: the quick circulation of a charged collection of texts—in some cases raw, in-progress, or sketchy—to a small but deeply engaged audience. As the poet Karl Young wrote in his foreward to Assembling #12, such publications “can be read as chance-generated collages, and as spontaneous pieces of printed performance art.”

Karl Young

A total of eighty contributors far and wide sent 467 pages of work in just under two weeks, signaling a need to publish urgently, but less preciously, on non-corporate platforms.

nicole killian (left), Rey Carlson (right)

I used my stapler’s maximum capacity to determine the page count (126 sheets + cover bound with 5/8 inch staples). The goal of the edit was to be as inclusive as possible, at times asking contributors to compact their submissions in order to free up space for others. The order of the texts as they appear in the book was determined by chance by assigning a series of random integers from to the alphabetical list of contributors.

American Artist

Urgency Reader
252 pages + cover
Risograph printed book with black ink on Domtar Earthchoice paper
Hand-bound with 5/8 inch staples and partial wrap-around cover adhered to back page
Edition: 110 copies

Low-res PDF (37MB)
High-res PDF (950MB)

Contributors and contents
  2. Rey CarlsonPRAYER
  3. Kenneth Reveiz—MOP, MOPE(<)
  4. Joseph ImhauserMother Earth
  5. Helen TaranowskiSecurity Switch
  6. Lauren McCarthyReading List for Network Media, Fall 2019
  7. LaTefy Dolley
  9. Ant Lobo & Anna Barlow—THIS IS A BRICK.
  10. Zach DeocadizThe Internet Saved My Life
  11. Chris CoteReminders
  12. Juliana CastroInstructions on winning someone’s love
  13. Jerome HarrisFailed attempts at busting a nut as a result of faulty communication bewteen horny strangers via text message.
  14. Will KuriaRedacted from us to you. Now it’s just me and I am nothing.
  15. Max EvansI am rewriting my history as a gallery
  16. Ritu Ghiyadevious and conniving
  17. Lukas Eigler-HardingTo interface
  18. Genevieve FlavelleWhat’s queer in THE CLIMATE CRISIS?
  20. Jason Lipelesi mean this
  21. Kirslyn Schell-SmithVirtual Reality
  22. Sal RandolphSharawadji Mix
  23. Anna Stein—@windowspaints
  24. Elaine LopezMyDataDownload
  25. Rodrigo MoreiraAABC, 2019
  26. Darian RazdarNIGHTWALKERS
  27. June T. SandersAll fists in a dive on the southern tear, daughter of something, FORAGIRL, IDAHO GIRL (by Abigail J. Hansel)
  28. Rachel Atakpaa burning, GLITCH
  29. Travess Smalley1 Number colors burn randomly: 2 The first recorded use of jade green
  30. Eliza ChenEars, Eyes, and Blood Boiling: Notes from Electronic Music Concerts
  31. Daedalus Lion intimate thoughts
  32. emma rae nortoncomplication of the computer mouse
  33. Lauren Traugott-CampbellSQUISHY PLAY
  34. nicolas baird—LITTLE CREATURE
  35. nènè myriam konaté—koulikoro
  36. Bobby Joe Smith III(UN)COMMON GROUND
  37. Luiza DaleA trip into a void
  38. Tiger DingsunDearest Salve-maker
  39. Mena KamelHave You Ever Seen a Whale
  40. Elite KedanPITCHDECK
  41. Kelsey Elder
  42. Somnath Bhatt & Rin KimDialogue between me and Rin Kim
  44. Kitt PeacockWalter Malici and the Dark Water
  45. Leon Butler—Notes on Algorithmic Dysmorphia
  46. Be Oakley & Noah LeBien—Failure as Future Making
  47. Christopher ClaryFkN-JPGs-on-PAOM
  48. Kelsey DusenkaUntitled
  49. Kelsey SucenaTofu, or some notes on the weight of bodies
  50. Celia Shaheen
  51. American ArtistCOLORED TIME
  52. Sara Kaamanwave to print
  53. Madeline Zappalacomputer love notes
  54. Sam M-h—the evening- by the factory and the strip club, in the small sports bar on it’s karaoke night, where old elementary school teachers hid from hometowns, men placed bets, metallic balloons crowded the back seat of a car outside
  55. Cassandra HradilFLOWER FUTURES
  56. Nic WilsonNotes On Drawing as Masturbation and the Pursuit of Solitary Pleasure
  57. Olive B. Godleeseveral edits down
  58. Marisa Fulper EstradaTHE SCARCITY OF QUEER SPACE
  59. Emma Kemp & Matthew Altman—poem1, poem2
  60. noa machover
  61. Trevor Bashaw—notes on my project (un)be cum: a queer archive of the ecological self-in-relation
  62. Zack Wilks—“QUEER ETIQUETTE”
  63. Loizos Olympiosexcerpt from Αντί- ( *a text that prints itself)
  64. Ramon TejadaFUKU
Edited by Paul Soulellis

Kenneth Reveiz

Porpentine Charity Heartscape (left), Ant M Lobo and Anna Barlow (right)

Ant M Lobo and Anna Barlow (left), Zach Deocadiz (right)

Somnath Bhatt and Rin Kim

Ramon Tejada