Paul Soulellis is an artist and educator based in Providence, RI. His practice includes teaching, writing, and experimental publishing, with a focus on queer methodologies and network culture. He is the founder of Queer.Archive.Work, an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports artists, writers, and activists with access to space, tools, and other resources for queer publishing. He is also Department Head and Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Rhode Island School of Design. Talks & interviews. News. CV. @soulellis


Survival by Sharing (2023)
Bad Archives (Journal of Cinema and Media Studies, 62.4 Summer 2023) (2023)
Dear Friend (2022)
Bad Archives (talk) (2022)
unfinished (2022)
What is queer typography? (2021)
Urgent Publishing After the Artist’s Book (2021)
Urgentcraft: Radical Publishing During Crisis (2021)
Urgentcraft (July 30, 2020)
Urgentcraft (April 27, 2020)
On the power of mutual aid publishing during crisis (2020)
The Post as Medium (2019)
Feed Time (2019)
Queer.Archive.Work #2, 1923 Internet Archive Edition (2019)
At Home in the Archive (2019)
Publishing as practice as resistance (2018)
Performing the Feed (2017)
Urgent Archives (2017)
Carrying, embeddedness, printedness. Window-into-the-page. A grand assembling. (2016)
The Distributed Monument (2016)
The Download: sorry to dump on you like (2015)
Making Public (2015)
Digital Publishing, Unzipped (2015)
Performing Publishing: Infrathin Tales from the Printed Web (2014)
Search, compile, publish (2013)

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