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Rhizome Seven On Seven

Publishing as practice as resistance,” A talk delivered at the Boston Art Book Fair on October 13, 2018.

Publishing Needs to Get More Radical,” A conversation with Annette Gilbert in Kunstforum International, Germany. Sept, 2018.

Urgent Archives,” essay in Public, Private, Secret: On Photography and the Configuration of the Self, Charlotte Cotton, ed., co-published by Aperture and ICP, 2018. Also appears in Library of the Printed Web: Collected Works, 2013–2017, published by Paul Soulellis, 2017.

Search, Compile, Publish,” 2013 essay appears in Publishing Manifestos, Michalis Pichler, ed., May 2018. 2016 update delivered as a talk at Miss Read, Berlin, June 10, 2016. Second-edition to be published by MIT Press in 2019.

Urgent Archives,” Design Insights talk delivered at Walker Art Center, March 27, 2018.

Sanctuary,” essay included in Safe, a pavillion curated by Christopher Clary for The Wrong Digital Art Biennial, January 2018.

Kunstforum International

Rozendaal: The Path to Abstraction,” text accompanying the presentation of into as part of Net Art Anthology, Rhizome, Dec. 2017.

Performing the Feed,” published in Rhizome’s Special Seven on Seven 10th Anniversary Magazine, May 2018 / Delivered at The Cybernetics Conference, NYC, November 2017.

The Download

Merging with the Network,” interview with Eva and Franco Mattes accompanying the presentation of Life Sharing as part of Net Art Anthology, Rhizome, Oct. 2017.

Occupying Plöger’s Library,” essay published in exhibition catalogue for Inherited Lies by Wolfgang Plöger, Konrad Fischer Galerie, Düsseldorf, 2017.

“An improvisation,” an 8-page work for White Zinfadel magazine, with the John Cage Trust, May 2017.

White Zinfandel

“Notes on Feeds” (PDF, text only), talk delivered at Interrupt 4, Brown University, April 28, 2017.

The Download 6: A Desktop Lamentation,” Rhizome, Sept. 2017.

Konrad Fischer Galerie

Library of the Printed Web: The Guy Who Makes Art Out of the Internet,” Vice Magazine, The Future of Tech Issue, Feb. 2017.

Carrying, embeddedness, printedness. Window-into-the-page. A grand assembling.” Talk performed at Printed Matter on Dec. 2, 2016 for the launch of Morehshin Allahyari and Daniel Rourke’s 3D Additivist Cookbook.

Kunstforum International

2016: The Year According to Paul Soulellis,” Walker Art Center, Dec. 2016.

The Download 5: Dennis Cooper’s GIF Novels,” Rhizome, Nov. 2016.

The Download 4: Technologies of Care,” Rhizome, Oct. 2016.

Artist Profile: Lorna Mills,” Rhizome, September 2016.

Artist Profile: Travess Smalley,” Rhizome, July 2016.

Walker Art Center

A conversation with Paul Soulellis,” interview with Kate Palmer Albers, July 2016.

The Download 3: Incantations for the Birth of a Network,” Rhizome, May 2016.

The Download 2: The Distributed Monument,” Rhizome, Feb. 2016.

After the Hookup, An App,” Rhizome, Dec. 2015.

A BOOK IS THE BOOK: A READING IN 142 PARTS,” talk performed at Printed Matter for the launch of Code X (Danny Aldred and Emmanuelle Waekerle, eds.), Nov. 2015.

“The Printed Web,” essay in Span: Conversations About Design and Technology, (Rob Giampietro, Amber Bravo, eds.), Google Inc., Nov. 2015.

The Download: Sorry to dump on you like,” Rhizome, Nov. 2015.

Poor Media on Demand: All the files of Printed Web 3,” Rhizome, May 2015.

Digital Publishing, Unzipped,” Rhizome, March 2015.

Rhizome Seven On Seven